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drain that conveys liquid waste from toilets, etc

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Caption: When the greens are about 6 to 10 inches high, use scissors or a knife to cut them about a quarter-inch above the soil line.
However, rotting of stem and roots near the soil line along with white fungal mycelia and brown sclerotia were observed on infected soil after 60 days of germination.
1997 Resistant Vegetation Index2 Infrared Percentage Crripen, 1990 Vegetation Index Source Latitude [beta] Soil Line Gradient: a CL Red band:RED.
To ensure that the points were located over areas of exposed soil, a Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) image was generated, and the soil line method was used to verify that the soil was bare (NANNI; DEMATTE, 2006).
Asparagus is hard to grow and because it has to be cut below the soil line, each spear is cut by hand with a knife.
Simply cut the plants off slightly above the soil line with kitchen shears.
Large clumps of ornamental grasses need to be cut back to 4 to 6 inches above the soil line.
These subterranean infernos thrive off of tree roots and peat, sometimes for months or even years, before cropping up again to start more fires above the soil line.
Leaf feeding and cutting above the soil line are less damaging, than cutting at the soil surface.
When you can see the tops of the main crop carrots popping out of the soil line and the diameter is around one inch they should have reached their mature size.
Lettuce can be harvested any time after true leaves form: for full heads, cut the plant right at the soil line, or, to keep the plants producing longer, harvest only the outer leaves as needed.
They can be harvested, removing stalks from the outside of the plants when they are big enough, or by cutting the whole plant at the soil line.
If planting a bare rooted specimen, plant it on a mound, so that the original soil line is slightly above soil level - so it settles to the level it was growing before it was dug up.
It also has to be hand picked to ensure it's cut cleanly below the soil line and it will only grow in certain climates and conditions which are difficult to create artificially.