soil horizon

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a layer in a soil profile

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Both of these soil landscapes contain at least one soil horizon with low permeability.
The soil horizon depth, along with saturated and residual moisture contents, was used to estimate the soil moisture storage capacity for each soil horizon and each soil association (see Fig.
Interpreting a paleosol may be hindered by eroded or partially preserved horizons, complex climatic and environmental histories, and in the case of buried paleosols, alteration of one or more soil horizons by infiltration of material from overlying units.
As a result, SOC may be sequestered in soil horizons in different forms and states, with varied residence times or turnover intensity and relationships with nitrogen (Batjes 1996; Falloon et al.
However, the aggregate classes were not equally affected by the liming program, suggesting that soil horizons are not entirely homogeneous regions.
The uppermost soil horizon in the exposure is the Bt horizon of the surface soil.
That's significant, because soil carbon and nitrogen are important sources of energy and nutrients for the soil microorganisms responsible for nutrient cycling, and because 70 to 90 percent of a grassland's roots are in that soil horizon.
Hole LSD-1 intersected a 13-metre thick limonitic soil horizon containing jasperoid fragments averaging 3.
This comparison was supported by statistical analysis of variance, taking into account three sources of variation: treatment (undelved, on-delving-line and off-line regions), soil horizon (Al, A2, B21 and B22), and the interaction between treatment and horizon.
In particular, the field research and laboratory analyses enabled the recognition of a light-grey layer in an eluvial soil horizon as an Aeolian sediment which underlay archaeological finds; radiocarbon dates of charcoal recovered from this horizon pre-date 9600 BP, originating during the Younger Dryas.
Soil profiles under the oak canopy and open grasslands were sampled by genetic soil horizon to determine the effects of oak nutrient cycling on soil characteristics.
Bulk density was estimated using the core method, with triplicate measurements for each soil horizon (Carter, 1993).