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drain that conveys liquid waste from toilets, etc

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The soil drains very quickly after a summer thunderstorm and the plants that grow there are vigorous.
To test how well your garden soil drains, run a hose on the surface at different points around your garden on a sunny day.
At this time of year the weather forces you to the links where the soil drains quickly and temporary greens are never needed.
The CUTET soil and drainage pipe cutter is designed to cut PVC pipe commonly used for soil drains, vent pipes, storm water and drainage systems, using a standard cordless drill as a power source.
CREATE THE LOOK: Plant bulbs where the soil drains well.
The spot in question is a patio pot in full sun, although they do tolerate shade as long as the soil drains well.
You'll end up with more potatoes at harvest time if your soil drains well and is light in density.
In future plant corms 8cm (3in) deep, in a part of the garden where the soil drains quickly, or with 5cm (2in) of horticultural gravel or gritty sand underneath each corm to improve drainage.
THE sandy Doncaster soil drains well, and even after rain turned the going to soft from good there yesterday, the runners skipped over it easily enough, certainly in comparison to the clawing, heavy surface which prevailed at Newbury.
Because it's arid, we have no fungus problems, and the soil drains well.
Our results suggest that when the Otokia and Wingatui soils are subjected to the same MP during drainage following rainfall events, the Wingatui soil drains slower, thereby extending the duration of anaerobic conditions that favour denitrification.
The soil drains well and air moves freely around the plants to assist drying.