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low-growing plants planted in deep shade or on a steep slope where turf is difficult to grow

small plants other than saplings growing on a forest floor

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In Zayed City and suburban areas, the municipality has carried out maintenance infrastructural works including operating and maintaining landscaped areas as well as local irrigation networks, trimming soil covers in Al Fursan Street and Al Raha Mall, removing flowers and marigold, cutting greens at the Airport Street and removing weeds, reported Wam.
Other works covered maintenance of water sprinklers in the surroundings of Al Mafraq Hospital, maintenance of the irrigation network at Zayed Forest, removing weeds, cutting soil cover and fertilising plantations in 48 villas at Zayed City.
The number of flower stalks, flowering interval, flower stalk length and spathe length were also affected by the volume of sawdust applied and contrastingly to the leaf area, there was a quadratic growth response to soil cover (Figure 3B and 3C).
Laterite soil where it is used as daily soil cover in landfill was sampled in Nibong Tebal area and leachate was collected from Pulau Burung Landfill in Penang, while pressmud was sampled from the sugar mill, Malaysian Sugar Manufacturing (MSM) Sdn Bhd, Seberang Perai, Penang.
In terms of respond on soil cover MRQ74 had the highest number of tiller in SC followed by PC NC and control.
The method used for evaluating the soil cover was a square point composed of a square of 50 x 50 cm with rows set at every five centimeters on all sides, forming a grid of 100 points at the location of the row intersections.
Soil cover is a determining factor in the development of plant cover and its diversity (Laasimer 1965; Chertov 1981; Ibanez et al.
1]) for each treatment combination of soil cover and target simulated rainfall intensity.
The schemes - which must be certified nationally and validated by the Commission - could include measures such as crop rotation, water management, soil cover and integrated pest management.
The Western Limb Lodes exposed in Phase 4 extend to the north and head under shallow soil cover.
In general, the soil cover is used to minimize the effects of erosion, conserve soil moisture by reducing evapotranspiration, control the use of irrigation water in the range of the crop plants and reduce the growth of weeds.
0 metres of 538 g/t silver, and was sited near the north end of a 475 metre long IP chargeability high, which is projected to continue to the south under soil cover.
The technology was helped by the density of houses and other buildings, made of mud brick so that they showed up somewhat clearly against the looser soil cover.
The facility was a licensed landfill from 1962 until 1989, with municipal waste placed up to 150 feet deep in a 30-acre area with minimal soil cover, Ohio EPA reported.