soil conservation

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protection of soil against erosion or deterioration

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The soil conservation research entailed measuring soil erosion and soil retention on six agricultural plots treated with soil conservation measures the previous year.
Planned soil conservation efforts are, therefore, crucial for preserving agricultural productivity.
The first regards the rationales of peasant farmers as they carry out soil conservation techniques, many of which do not have the explicit function of mimicking either nature or natural processes.
District Soil Conservation Office, Civil Station, Ii Floor, Room Number 162, Ayyanthole
Talking to reporter, Director Soil Conservation Department Malik Ghulam Akbar informed that the department under soil conservation programme also completed a large number of projects.
When contacted, soil conservation officer Yasin Wazir said that the construction work on the project was yet to be completed.
| RABAT, July 3 (KUNA) -- The Global Environment Fund (GEF) granted Morocco on Wednesday a total of 6.44 million dollars for the implementation of soil conservation and biodiversity measures by small farmers.
Khanal has appointed Urmila Aryal as the Minister for Local Development, Raghubir Mahaseth as Minister for Irrigation, Gokarna Bista as Minister for Energy, Bhanubhakta Jaisi as Minister for Forest and Soil Conservation and Yuvraj Karki as Minister for General Administration.
Monitoring and evaluation of soil conservation and watershed development projects.
It is disappointing that the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and soil conservation districts have all kinds of practices/standards such as conservation crop rotaion, cover crops, and residue and tillage management yet we fail to have a standard or at the least a guideline for soil management.
Lack of involvement and participation by farmers was found to be one of the most frequent causes of failure of most soil conservation projects (FAO, 1991).
In the 1930s, Hugh Hammond Bennett--a USDA scientist widely regarded as the "father of soil conservation" (see sidebar)--commented, "Soil erosion is as old as agriculture.
Sitting in plenary session in Strasbourg, the European Parliament voted on 13 June to back the signing by the European Union of additional protocols to the Alpine Convention (consultation procedure) on mountain farming, soil conservation, energy and tourism.
Social and technological advances have affected soil conservation practices.
This should be required reading for anyone interested in ecology, farming, Charles Darwin, scientific observation, gardening, soil conservation, composting, and the future of the redwoods.