soil conservation

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protection of soil against erosion or deterioration

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People here in the United States--and in many other countries--are learning that we must have soil conservation if we are to have continuous, abundant agricultural production.
Some were already contributing to the soil conservation cause, but none focused on soil conservation to the extent soil conservation leaders at the time thought necessary.
Over 1,000 Global ReLeaf programs are underway, ranging from garden clubs to Audubon chapters to neighborhood improvement associations, city councils, and soil conservation districts.
Thus, the analysis of sediment grain-size variation should be included in the evaluation of soil conservation measures in the H-L watershed.
he'd learned in soil conservation when he watched agricultural equipment companies being persuaded to scrap advertising campaigns that unintentionally contained subliminal anticonservation messages.
Organic farming prohibits the use of pesticides and herbicides and encourages soil conservation through the use of natural waste and crop rotation.
However, when the 1985 farm bill designated T as the benchmark for conservation compliance, T was transformed from a technical tool into a soil conservation ideology.
Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Soil Conservation Service, Mining Reclamation, Conservation Reserve); Pollution Control and Abatement (Environmental Protection Agency, Superfund); Recreation and Parks (National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service)- and Other (U.
CI promotes practices such as water and soil conservation, crop diversification, and chemical fertilizer and pesticide reduction that help protect the forest, streams, and wildlife surrounding the reserve.
During the first 50 of those years, the soil conservation effort remained relatively unchanged.
Administered by the Soil Conservation Service and the Forest Service, the Y-LTP had as its goal the stabilization of land eroding at outrageous rates because of generations of forest cutting and cotton planting.
The permit applications were filed Friday with the City of Atlantic City, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Cape Atlantic Soil Conservation District.
Superintendent Engineer, Watershed Development And Soil Conservation Department, Zila Parishad Dausa