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a chemical substance used to improve the structure of the soil and increase its porosity

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In addition to the irrigation water and biogas, the system produces daily 80 kg of high-grade compost and 300 litres of algae-concentrate soil conditioner, branded as Alphybios.
Leaf mulch has a number of great benefits - not only does it break down into a great soil conditioner, but it will act as insulation for plants and vegetables, and also protect useful animals such as worms from predators.
The potential of these soil conditioners to eliminate problems associated with consecutive tobacco monoculture was evaluated using agronomic traits, tobacco yield and quality, microbial diversity of tobacco rhizospheric soil and soil enzymatic activity as indicators.
Expanded perlite that is supplied to Saudi industries and other Gulf and African markets includes insulite for building and insulation; looslite for insulation of walls; cryolite for industrial purposes, and agrilite for agricultural purposes and as a soil conditioner.
Dig out soil to a depth of 30cm (1ft) and incorporate organic matter such as well-rotted garden compost or bags of Levington Organic Blend Soil Conditioner.
Since then, he has been working on a second generation soil conditioner.
It will be a great soil conditioner in a few months' time.
Enrich the backfill soil with soil conditioner and bonemeal fertiliser.
3], liquid or dry) at depths independent of the shank depth, capturing the soil with adjustable, floating closing blades to create a berm with optimum clod size for final seed bed preparation with a patented, non-plugging chain reel soil conditioner.
COMPOST Create your own soil conditioner instead of buying it.
Unlike plastic or metal screwcap closures, natural cork can easily be recycled and turned into flooring tile, building insulation, shoe soles, fishing rod handles, bulletin boards and even soil conditioner.
Most frequently used by the floral industry to line wire baskets, this product frequently is being confused with sphagnum peat moss, a soil conditioner known for its ability to bind sandy soils, loosen clay soils and retain water [and for its acidity that benefits bromeliads-Ed].
Its products are designed for use as a soil conditioner for water and nutrient retention in landscaping, golf courses, horticulture and agriculture, said GelTech President Joe Ingarra.
Through the years, Lindsay has tested the pits as livestock feed, fireplace logs, ground cover, soil conditioner, an ingredient in blasting powder, a plastics filler, a bug-bait carrier, olive oil and as a source for making methane gas.