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polished and well-groomed


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| Soigne Le Miroir, PS23 ( 4 HOUSE OF HOLLAND'S PICNIC WRAPS BY FAR the most intricate nail art of the season was seen at House of Holland, where tiny rectangular rhinestones were glued side by side on false nails, to create a 3D gingham effect to fit with the Dolly Parton meets Las Vegas-themed show.
The Soigne Nail Art Tool Kit, PS18, is a luxurious gold trio of tools for creating spots, stripes, snowflakes, Christmas puds - you name it.
Sexpot writer and television producer Candace Bushnell--it was her racy, mid-'90s column in the New York Observer that launched the iconic "Sex in the City" series--has listed her casually glam co-operative apartment in a low-key yet properly soigne pre-war complex in New York City's Greenwich Village with an asking price of just a wisp under $2.65 million.
A local Parisienne, Anne Touraine, formerly of Christian Dior Paris, has created her eponymous line of soigne luxe scarves crafted of butter-soft silk, twill or chiffon with distinctive collectible designs from Pop art to this stunning Chinese-inspired Reyes de Sole piece.
In this group was Halston, ever rising, ever in demand; taller, better looking than anyone else, with clean-cut Midwest looks, and a soigne disregard for the riffraff swirling around him.
Durant les recents combats les equipes de MSF ont soigne 116 personnes blessees par balles dans les villes de Malakal et de Nasir, dans l'Etat du Haut-Nil.
Instead, his preferred method for delineating subdivisions in Godard's oeuvre is the "series," and he elects to home in on a particular series composed of the features Soigne ta droite (1987), Nouvelle vague (1990), and Allemagne 90 neuf zero (1991), and the monumental video work Histoire(s) du cinema (1988-1998).
En precisant bien en amont qu'il ne saurait etre question de mettre de l'argent allemand sur la table, la chanceliere soigne son electorat, a trois mois des elections legislatives.
ANNE TERESA DE KEERSMAEKER "Beyonce is not the worst copycat," Keersmaeker wrote days after the release of B's music video celebrating her single "Countdown," which featured a soigne pastiche of, among other things, some of the legendary choreographer's signature moves.
In the end, it was a win-win for all involved." Cousolo and Aquino have brought dozens of "joailleries" to the bejeweled corridor spanning Madison Avenue from 50th to 70th Streets, including Cartier, Kwiat, Leviev, Graft, Soigne K, DeLanean, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry and Aaron Basha.
Their discussion is based on Duras' 1987 book "Emilie L." and Godard's film of that year "Soigne Ta Droite."
Top fashion moment: the party was invited to change into steel-toed black safety shoes, which was fine for the men, but left the Lord Lieutenant (the soigne Kate Thomas), the High Sheriff (stylish Beverly Humphries) and myself looking as though we were about to embark on a clog dance.
Only Clegg's missus, lawyer Miriam Gonzalez Durantez with her sleek soigne bob and effortless European elegance, vowed to stay off the campaign trail and concentrate on her legal briefs.