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the syllable naming the fifth (dominant) note of any musical scale in solmization


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To handle the volume of food collected through the SOH campaign, FBSJ recruits volunteers from the community to unload the postal trucks and to perform initial food sorting.
With the 1996 Subpart H accelerated approval of midodrine for the treatment of SOH came a post-approval commitment by Shire to conduct two clinical trials to verify and describe the clinical benefit of midodrine HCI.
Thus, as a result of the lease, the same person (the grantor) has the requisite beneficial interest in the property to qualify for homestead and SOH benefits after the QPRT term ends as had a right to them before the QPRT termination.
Soh nods to his gunner, a signal that it's time for him to briefly take his hands off the 27-pound, gas-operated M240D machine gun.
Soh, who now is director of physician leadership and performance at Kaiser Permanente in Pasadena, Calif.
Soh and Roberts, professors at the National University of Singapore and MIT, respectively, investigate how firms can leverage external resources through networks of technology alliances to improve innovation performance.
Recent transactions completed by Hanlon include: 46,698 s/f industrial facility at 2 Cranberry Road in Parsippany, on behalf of the landlord, AVR Realty, to the Tronex Company; 10,000 s/f industrial facility at 5 Astro Place in Denville, on behalf of the landlord, Fourson Associates, to SOH Distribution Corporation; 10,000 s/f industrial facility in Fairfield, on behalf of the tenant, the Star Ledger, and the landlord, West Essex Realty.
Felix Soh, deputy editor of Singapore's Straits Times newspaper, was quoted as saying the world media is ''tainted by Western cultural bias, sullied by Western political bias and colored by Western ideological bias.
The first pass through gets a good cup of coffee," said Soh.
a Marlin Equity Partners portfolio company, today announced the appointment of Grant Soh to the role of Vice President of Sales for the Asia Pacific region.
Soh is a partner in the law firm, Edwin Lim Suren & Soh, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
There is a major natural gas storage facility in Soh area in Kyrgyzstan, General Director of JSC KyrgyzGas Turgunbek Kulmurzaev said at a press conference on November 22 in Bishkek.
8220;We are all in the Christmas spirit, and we thought it would be fun to leverage what we had done with Whiteboard Guru and enable our customers to send personalized messages of love to their friends and family this holiday season,” said Yvonne Soh, Co-Founder and Production Director of Jam Factory Pte.
Weiming Soh, president of Greater China ASEAN Volkswagen AG said, 'Building on the Ayala Group's excellent reputation and market knowledge, we are excited about offering consumers in the Philippines Volkswagen's outstanding line up of vehicles and providing them with an unparalleled level of sales and service experience.
Findo utw hat made Sir Clement Freud soh opeful FromT heV aults, page4 OnL ocation Steve Dennis witnesses one man's awe-inspiring fundraising efforth igh on the chillyN orth YorkM oors Page 10 'For many years I have put pounds 20 on all tips coming my way.