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the syllable naming the fifth (dominant) note of any musical scale in solmization


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Soh is a recalcitrant who had repeatedly smuggled duty-unpaid cigarettes thinking that he could get away each time, said Assistant Director-General (Intelligence & Investigation) Yeo Sew Meng.
Soh joins the company from LEGO, where he was a senior commercial director in the Asia Pacific region based in Singapore.
Soh said Shopee is currently continuing optimizing its platforms, and a key focus in expansion is boosting the shops by tapping leading brands.
(These aptamers are a focus of Soh's lab.) When the drug is present in the bloodstream, the aptamer changes shape, which an electric sensor detects.
The possible causes of SOH include generic components, chronic stimuli, or mechanical stresses.
Usually the diagnosis of SOH is one of exclusion and is based on CT imaging and endoscopy, after other more routine tests have failed to identify a cause [7].
The master control unit utilizes these messages to estimate the batteries' SOC and SOH (state of health).
Itdismissed the SOH application, soitfiled a major site change amendment to its application onDec.
More recently, simultaneous SOC and SOH estimation was performed on a SPM using PDE-theoretic techniques (3).
See a film of Abbey's Polaris shoot at Clothing: Hasan Hejazi Starring: Abbey Clancy Photography and set design: Absynth Photographic Styling: Joseph Kocharian Hair: Aaron Carlo Make up: Kenneth Soh Boots: Theatre shoes by Hasan Hejazi Millinery: Noel Stewert Jewellery: Mawi and Liz Mendez
The IBS design from ams is suitable for monitoring the state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH) of the latest lithiumiron-phosphate automotive batteries as well as conventional AGM (lead-acid) batteries.
Mr Tony Soh, Ascott's Chief Corporate Officer, said: "Ascott is proud to be recognised at the premier Mob-Ex Awards that celebrates mobile excellence.
Introducing automated genome analysis and annotation, Soh, Paul Gordon, and Christopher W.
A pretentious film student discovers the difference between pontificating about cinema and actually making a movie in "Let Me Out," a highly entertaining comedy created by South Korean film schoolteachers Kim Chang-lae and Jae Soh. Poking good-natured fun at the creative process and imbued with an infectious let's-put-on-a-show spirit, this highly accessible and brightly performed item is an ideal fest attraction and could prosper in offshore ancillary markets with savvy promotion.
Robinson will continue as senior vice president and chief credit officer of the bank, and Simon Soh was promoted from the bank's loan production manager to its chief lending officer.