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the syllable naming the fifth (dominant) note of any musical scale in solmization


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Soh said Shopee is currently continuing optimizing its platforms, and a key focus in expansion is boosting the shops by tapping leading brands.
Monitoring and controlling the actual dosage a patient is receiving is a practical way to take individual factors into account," said Soh.
The AFR was dismissed, with the FCC ruling that SOH "lacks the requisite standing to seek review of the Bureau's actions.
041, the grantor of the QPRT remains the beneficial owner of the homestead even after the term ends, and, thus, maintains the SOH benefits.
Juniper's support for the Microsoft SOH protocol provides greater opportunities for customers to streamline their client deployment via UAC's standards-based interoperability with Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows XP clients," said Calvin Choe, director of technical business development, Enterprise Security Group at Microsoft.
The tags SOH and MYNX had been scratched into a newly-painted door.
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Princeton Soh grips the controls, his sturdy hands commanding more than 8 tons of green and gray metal.
After she completed an executive training program at the University of Southern California, Lucia Soh, then a manager at a financial services company, had one reaction to what she had learned: "I can use this," she concluded.
Technology Alliances and Networks: An External Link to Research Capability; Pek-Hooi Soh and Edward B.
Recent transactions completed by Hanlon include: 46,698 s/f industrial facility at 2 Cranberry Road in Parsippany, on behalf of the landlord, AVR Realty, to the Tronex Company; 10,000 s/f industrial facility at 5 Astro Place in Denville, on behalf of the landlord, Fourson Associates, to SOH Distribution Corporation; 10,000 s/f industrial facility in Fairfield, on behalf of the tenant, the Star Ledger, and the landlord, West Essex Realty.
Under the deal, DPAG will buy out Securicor's stake in SOH, taking sole control of the company.
Felix Soh, deputy editor of Singapore's Straits Times newspaper, was quoted as saying the world media is ''tainted by Western cultural bias, sullied by Western political bias and colored by Western ideological bias.
We have more than 200 OEMs throughout the world using our engines," said Soh.
The first pass through gets a good cup of coffee," said Soh.
a Marlin Equity Partners portfolio company, today announced the appointment of Grant Soh to the role of Vice President of Sales for the Asia Pacific region.