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a heavy wetness

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The bases too were light and crispy - no hint of sogginess or having been left to sit once cooked.
As far as we're concerned, the extra day and stay over, the sogginess of the pitch didn't work in our favour," the Telegraph quoted Hodgson, as saying.
We've just found our way to the sweet sogginess of spring, and gardens, lawns and dandelions are soaking it in.
Perfect Sandwich is the only product in the market to separate the wet from the dry and truly address sandwich sogginess and overall freshness.
Most important, in this version of lobster potpie, the pastry is baked separately, so there's no chance of sogginess.
Soane explained that the coating works by creating a stiff, ridgy layer that one's tongue and teeth perceives as crispiness, along with pores that allow the moisture inside the potato to escape to avoid sogginess.
To increase consumption of microwaveable pizzas, companies could make use of more specialized packaging that would reduce the sogginess of the finished product.
When I suggest the sogginess is a pleasant part of the dish, he says: "Then why bother toasting the bread?
Without the slightest hesitation she marches over to a nearby guard post and demands that the watchman Tom hold her fur coat while she assesses the damage to her wardrobe: "Unable to bear the cold sogginess of clotting blood on her skin Phryne tore the silk shirt bodily away from the seam in one swift brutal movement.
Ramroop clenched his lips tightly, sogginess dripping from his black hair.
Elizabeth Fysh, the wife of Sir Wilmot 'Hudson' Fysh and the woman who interviewed the first flight hostesses in 1947, was once asked to put on her high-heeled shoes and go to a landing strip to check the sogginess of the ground after a spell of rain.
Sogginess occurs when the bran of the wheat absorbs water that is not allowed to evaporate during baking and is instead released into the crust during cooling.
121) The Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences eventually held that Smucker's patent was invalid partially due to obviousness because those of ordinary skill in the art knew to put peanut butter on both sides of the bread to prevent both jelly from leaking out and sogginess.
But, not knowing the sogginess of that surface means the Yorkshire track does not necessarily provide the best betting opportunities, at least pre-racing.