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In determining whether a reduction in cost or improvement in speed is economically significant, the Service takes a position that would require a taxpayer to prove that a software system provides a competitive advantage over software performing similar functions elsewhere in the industry; implementing a software package to reduce a competitive disadvantage resulting from the use of substandard software would not appear to meet this test.
Imagine the unpleasant surprise if a new software system actually caused an organization to have less control of some records series, due to poor data conversion or actual data loss.
The software system must recognize the recovery value of metal and calculate the cost of scrap to be recovered in the cost of each good casting.
At the end of the Navy contract, the Institute is expected to deliver a fully functioning software system to be used in the design and production of two injection molded prototypes: an environmental control valve for an F-18 aircraft; and an electrical housing for an unnamed Army vehicle.
They run thousands of batches of material each week, so the software system must efficiently handle this load in memory.
Founded in 1980, QNX Software Systems is the industry leader in realtime, microkernel OS technology.
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