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Programmable and virtual keyboards are dependent on software programs that accommodate on-screen keyboard access by mouse, switch, joystick, trackball, or other input device.
For the personal computer owner, there are a variety of software programs available for putting together your own greeting card at home.
Neural networks are software programs that simulate human intelligence.
Thus, although the export sale of a software program treated as a copyrighted article and in inventory would be sourced under Sec.
Each of the many business valuation software programs on the market today has attributes that can assist appraisers.
Enter--the personal information manager (PIM), a software program that is gaining popularity among business users.
The process by which the software program is used on a daily basis is designed to mirror the actual process by which rubber chemists develop and make changes to their formulations in real life.
U3 has invented a way for a tiny, removable USB smart drive to host a "personal workspace" that saves not only data and files but also software programs, user preferences and the means for managing them.
Benchmarking efforts against a number of existing generation, commercially available simulators have demonstrated that the Nexus software program can simulate some faulted and coarsened models over 20 times faster than current commercial simulators, which means simulation in hours instead of days.
Politis Communications will help Transcensus launch a suite of easy-to-use software tools for developing training and instructional solutions delivered directly inside any Windows-based software program.
The Accutrac Records Management Software Program provides an intake for SDN lists made available by the US Treasury Dept and OFAC.
When completed, these SHO Engine-based applications will provide a suite of easy-to-use, cost-effective tools for creating effective, step-by-step, workflow-based instruction delivered directly inside any Windows software program.
In addition, Samsung provides a software program called the RFS (Robust File System) for the Linux environment and TFS4-Light software has been developed for applications, such as MP3 players, that need a small memory footprint.
Foundation Software, a national developer of construction accounting systems, announced plans at the 2005 CONEXPO/CON-AGC Conference in Las Vegas to develop a CPA Audit/Review Module that would complement their FOUNDATION for Windows construction accounting software program.
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