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program listings or technical manuals describing the operation and use of programs

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A title in the new Allyn & Bacon Series in Technical Communication, Writing software documentation is well conceived and executed.
The other, more serious, problem is a lack of references to some of the classic texts the reader might want to look into as a result of reading Writing software documentation.
Why in order to learn anything from software documentation does one need the attention span of a sphinx?
The topics covered in both parts run the gamut of the field of software documentation, including such topics as style, form, organization of material, interacting with technical personnel, human factors, and training requirements.
Before doing so, she provides a brief overview of the foundations of software documentation in which she identifies the kinds of documents that make up the field, describes the typical organizational structures in which writers in this field find themselves, and points out the relationship between the software development cycle and the software publication cycle.
For the trade market, individual authors of software documentation have produced books in their own name; additionally, a few publisher like Holt identify on the book's flyleaf the acquisition and layout editors who contributed to their books.
As indicated earlier, the study of software documentation was exploratory, not definitive.
The mission also involves developing software documentation, establish administrative regulations, assist in procurement and otherwise during the term representing the traffic office as project towards entrepreneurs and engage with the public.
IBM s problems were centered around the cost of AWS bid ($54 million more than IBM s proposal), a modify to software documentation conditions, and an evaluation of its auto-scaling abilities.
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