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Environmental health manager Geoff Makin said the aim of the city council was to get voluntary compliance and that "two strikes" was a harsh interpretation of what here garded as a softly-softly approach.
SMOKERS in Nuneaton and Bed worth have been warned to expect on-the-spot fines after aninitial softly-softly approach in the borough to England's smoking ban.
If he's a reasonable guy he will knuckle down but, if not, at least you can say you tried the softly-softly approach before taking the matter any further.
SIR ALEX Ferguson is hoping the softly-softly approach can coax Cristiano Ronaldo back to top form.
When whoever did this despicable act is finally caught, and I really hope they are, I trust that the courts will be harsh in their punishment, not dole out the usual softly-softly response.
Mr Paddick, a deputy assistant commissioner, had a softly-softly approach to cannabis while a commander in Lambeth.
He plays his softly-softly game with the rest of the world, giving under pressure, then taking while attention is elsewhere.
That is not a softly-softly approach - that is proper policing,' said Mr O'Brien.
However, Sheriff Robert "Caped Crusader" McCreadie has wasted his time and allowed Fowler to continue to break the law by his softly-softly approach for three years.
Kat Barry, Whitchurch, Cardiff IC SAYS: I don't think Arsene will be too unhappy with the softly-softly approach.
The rest will have to be approached on a softly-softly basis, so as not unduly to antagonise nature lovers with no feel for horseracing.
Steve McClaren and David Beckham have agreed to take a softly-softly approach to the former England skipper's return to the international fold.
With the two main protagonists playing it softly-softly, it was left to the McLaren of Kimi Raikkonen to lead the way as he set a time of one minute 13.
The police's softly-softly approach - they call their patrols Operation Christian - seems to be paying dividends in Hillfields.
Discipline and respect have been taken away replaced by a softly-softly approach.