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a person who is weak and excessively sentimental


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Surprisingly, this softie is devoid of any markings, something not terribly important unless you want no-holds-barred realism.
Several empty pop cans were drilled repeatedly with bursts from this softie.
Another highly realistic aspect of this Marushin softie is the fact it bears "FN Herstal Belgium" in blue letters on the left side of the molded slide.
The southern softies from High bury will be shaking like leaves as they enter Big Sam's den at the Reebok Stadium tonight.
Billy Richardson took exception to my tongue-in-cheek Diary entry about southern softies and the way the media reacts when snow falls in the Home Counties.
Softies are fudge inclusions manufactured using unusual ingredients and production methods.
Muttley has been sent a pre-launch blurb revealing chapters on Feeding, Grooming, Massage, Troubleshooting, Directions to the North for Journalists, Why The Racing Post is Biased, Stuffing Southern Softies (presumably a reference to the forthcoming North v South Challenge at the Festival?
Whether it's me or camping that has changed I don't know but this summer I discovered camping for softies.
Sir, - The possible return of Ronnie Biggs graphically illustrates what a bunch of softies we have become in only 38 years.
FOR a brochure and a booking form write to: Cycling for Softies, Reader Services Department, Evening Telegraph, Corporation Street, Coventry, CV1 1FP.
We have become a mass of softies, staying off work or school for the least excuse.
IF YOU are looking for an ideal family holiday then this Cycling for Softies break in Holland could be just for you
DALLY in the Dordogne this Easter on a short break with Cycling for Softies.
And he told the father of one : "We all want to make this work but we are not softies.
ALTERNATIVELY, take a summer break to Holland on this Cycling for Softies holiday