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a person who is weak and excessively sentimental


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In Deira, the Iranian Sweets shop serves the classic vanilla softie, but the 40-year-old shop's best seller is their vanilla and saffron mixed soft serve that is priced at Dh2.
Unlike the airsoft 1911A1, the P-38 softie bears realistic wartime markings.
Being a high-performance electric softie, only highly polished top-quality plastic BBs weighing .20 gram or heavier should be used.
"Dante is a really nice dog who is great with the staff and is basically a big softie.
With Salt's new hybrid softie, at least one of life's decisions has become a little bit easier, and truly indulgent.
SOFTIE Muffin the Mule Q We have a 1970/80s tabletop Taito Space Invader machine for two players.
MOST people reckon Tulisa's hard as nails, but she says she's a big softie.
I'm just a big softie. " That'll be the same "big softie" who when I interviewed her in a Manchester restaurant a few years ago treated everyone (me included) like dog dirt on her shoes.
These are not normal circumstances, though; actually this new game show would have us believe he's quite the softie underneath it all, as he wills on pairs of contestants to successfully navigate a 26-room maze in an attempt to reach the coveted pounds 100,000.
But when it comes to her own health, she's a softie, having had to seek help for her phobia of the dentist.
Although the softie's 4'A" smoothbore barrel is about 1/4" shorter than the real deal, we're dealing here with a low-power plinker that still manages to be surprisingly accurate.
MARSKE: Save our Stray's blogger Jenny Laidler tells us the story of Stanley the Rottweiler Jenny writes: "Stanley is a huge softie of a rottie in more sense than one.
SUGABABE Heidi Range (pictured) is a big softie when it comes to Christmas.
Yet when it comes to his family life, Jose showed he's just a big softie at heart.