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Synonyms for softie

a person who is weak and excessively sentimental


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Unlike the airsoft 1911A1, the P-38 softie bears realistic wartime markings.
In looks, performance and overall quality, this softie gets top marks, and with a suggested retail price just under $150, it sure is priced most competitively, indeed.
Filled with Snugpak's own Filled with Snugpak's own Softie insulation, the bag Softie insulation, the bag also features a hood and a also features a hood and a compression sack, PS145, compression sack, PS145, www.
But when it comes to her own health, she's a softie, having had to seek help for her phobia of the dentist.
He always gives off like he's a hardman, but he's a big softie.
Another highly realistic aspect of this Marushin softie is the fact it bears "FN Herstal Belgium" in blue letters on the left side of the molded slide.
MARSKE: Save our Stray's blogger Jenny Laidler tells us the story of Stanley the Rottweiler Jenny writes: "Stanley is a huge softie of a rottie in more sense than one.
SUGABABE Heidi Range (pictured) is a big softie when it comes to Christmas.
Yet when it comes to his family life, Jose showed he's just a big softie at heart.
The eight-stone dog has been with her since he was a puppy and despite his size has always been a big softie, enjoying nothing better than a cuddle and a nap.
Javier (JR Villarreal) affably offers advice and birthday party invitations; Dylan (Sean Michael Afable), a two-time runner-up, tries to intimidate her, but he's really a softie trying to get out from under the thumb of his win-at-all-costs dad (Tzi Ma, playing the film's one walking cliche).
He can occasionally be a bit laddish, but he's a big softie and usually he just potters around.
He went on to say that his father was a ``big softie, full of fun and affection'', and he felt rejected by his mother.
Known to soap opera fans as Nigel Bates, the Albert Square softie whose marriage to Debbie ended with her tragic death, Mr Bradley will join hundreds of campaigners in Victoria Square tomorrow.