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Synonyms for softheartedness

a feeling of concern for the welfare of someone (especially someone defenseless)


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There are few jobs similar to nursing in which technicality and softheartedness intersect.
Tough talk for a gentle anchor who wasn't afraid to let her softheartedness show on camera from time to time.
This trust humbles us into softheartedness. With our hearts open to God, God gives us life--so much life that we can afford to spend life on our spouses and marriages, our significant others and significant relationships.
SEAN McKee's boomingvoiced Williamson captures the right note of eccentricity, boorishness and (very) occasional softheartedness, Julie Glover the clever, feminine wife whose life is a constant disappointment.
When Eleanor Roosevelt endorsed a protest march of Orthodox rabbis to Washington and the creation of special havens in rural America, her husband attributed her involvement to softheartedness and dismissed her suggestions.