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Goods Vehicle Operator's Licence Softheads Limited of Muliner Works 154, Bordesley Green Road, Birmingham B8 1BY is applying to change an existing licence as follows to keep an extra 4 goods vehicles and 0 trailers at the operating centre at Muliner Works 154, Bordesley Green Road, Birmingham B8 1BY.
As the Brooklyn Eagle's reviewer explained, although "in the hands of any writer less expert, it could easily have turned out to be a tear-squirter for softheads," Stella Dallas was instead "profoundly moving" and could be safely recommended "to all save the more determinedly hard-boiled and the highbrows."
It's bad news for the softheads who think we're too hard on anyone who has a hobby of seeking out pictures of that abuse.
by noon two hundred mooncalfs, softheads, boobies, ninnyhammers, noodleheads, gawkies, and assorted oafs and thickwits would doubtless be lined up at the address given ...