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a substance added to another to make it less hard

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Family-owned Hague based in Groveport, Ohio, manufactures a line of water softener products.
Neil Spencer, of West Midlands Fire Service, said: "She told crews she had watched a YouTube video which involved putting fabric softener balls into an aromatherapy burner and lighting a tea light underneath.
Fragrance is almost as important to fabric softener users as is the softeners' stated purpose -- softening clothing, Mintel reports.
When a water softener fails, the symptoms are hard water, frequent regeneration cycles and excessive salt usage, brine tank overflow or resin beads clogging your faucet aerators.
To help one lucky San Antonio resident battle the area's hard water, Texas All Pro will be giving away a free 60,000 grain water softener after All Pro's Facebook page reaches 500 likes.
Several versions of Calgon water softeners are now available, conforming to local laws about how much phosphate content is allowed.
Washington, Feb 17 (ANI): Scientists have shown that installing a water softener for three months brings no additional relief for eczema sufferers.
Second, current liquid softeners cannot be used on all products, and this one can.
According to the company, 95% of traditional fabric softeners are oil-based and have a number of significant disadvantages as a result.
Prof Tara Dean of Portsmouth University, one of the experts coordinating the study, said: "If water softeners are found to improve the symptoms of eczema it will be a breakthrough for both patients and doctors.
If you're concerned about the health and safety of your family members, you might want to stay away from both conventional dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners altogether.
Summary: Downy Co the world leader in fabric softeners Co recently celebrated the upcoming summer season and its new Stay Fresh softener, by welcoming over 200 families to a Downy Stay Fresh family day out in DubaiCOs Zabeel Park.
Unlike standard silicone softeners, Powersoft PE 150 does not affect color.
Sanisal P germ-reducing regeneration tablets improve microbiological safety for water softeners.