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Synonyms for softened

toned down

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being or made softer or less loud or clear

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In a softened tone she declared herself not at all offended; but he continued to apologise for about a quarter of an hour.
The fierce eyes, the hard voice, softened under Crayford's influence.
Finding himself in camp near his home, he felt a natural longing to see his parents and sister, hoping that in them, as in him, the unnatural animosities of the period had been softened by time and separation.
Time has softened down the colours, but the same stream of light still falls upon the forgotten tomb, of which no trace remains; and, to this day, the stranger is shown in York Cathedral, an old window called the Five Sisters.
To remember happiness which cannot be restored, is pain, but of a softened kind.
that vast "Sea of Humors," barely softened by some drops of the waters from the "Gulf of Dew
And then the old memories rushed back again, but softened and subdued, and soothing him as he let himself be carried away by them.
Where better could we leave him than at the altar before which he had first caught a glimpse of the glory of his birthright, and felt the drawing of the bond which links all living souls together in one brotherhood--at the grave beneath the altar of him who had opened his eyes to see that glory, and softened his heart till it could feel that bond?
And directly she had said this, her face suddenly softened.
But as though of set design, each time she was softened she began to speak again of what exasperated her.
After a short absence (during which he could be heard to speak in a softened soothing tone) he returned, bearing in his hand a lamp.
He softened again at sight of these two friends, and, laying aside the angry manner--if to anything so feeble and so sad the term can be applied--in which he had spoken when the door opened, resumed his former seat, and subsided, by little and little into the old action, and the old, dull, wandering sound.
The later years of his life were much softened by the tenderness and devotion of his second wife.
When softened, add a little tomato puree and flour and cook for a minute, then turn up the heat, add a glass or two of red wine.
Global Banking News-April 10, 2013--Indonesian banker says Singapore has softened stance on Indonesian banks(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.