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having a speaking manner that is not loud or harsh

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The 76-year-old soft-spoken politician, who had been battling cancer for nearly a year now, was admitted to a hospital at Cochin after he developed complications while campaigning at Piravom by-election.
Chavez named the even-tempered and soft-spoken Carrizalez to the number two job in 2008, and in 2009 tapped him to simultaneously serve as defense minister.
Toren as Katie is soft-spoken and expresses beautifully a girl whose life is her family and her religion.
You just play what you feel, and play what fits your mood," the soft-spoken, multi-talented instrumentalist notes.
I had to relearn myself," the soft-spoken former principal dancer of the New York City Ballet says when asked about the challenges of taking on directorship in 2000.
How can such a successful soft-spoken embodiment of the American dream be considered public enemy No.
24, civil rights activists and historians sought to define the legacy of the soft-spoken woman dubbed the "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement.
A soft-spoken 28-year-old from Denver, Malcolm Himschoot might seem an unlikely candidate for the national spotlight.
I really believe the myth of Warhol the boy, sickly and soft-spoken.
The film finds its soft-spoken Miner in Hollywood stuntman-turned-character-actor Richard Farnsworth and a proto-feminist love interest in photographer Kate Flynn, played by Jackie Burroughs.
I'm not just looking at Thunder Bay, but all of northwestern Ontario," says soft-spoken Cano, who is starting up a company called Kablaam Productions.
Abigail Hauolinaninohea Chase, a niece, remembered her uncle as a soft-spoken man who enjoyed playing the ukulele.
Soft-spoken criminal mastermind "Doc" Reidenschneider (Sam Jaffe) has spent seven years in the prison library perfecting the plans for a jewel heist, and as Huston's gritty narrative unfolds, the not-so-good "Doc" assembles his motley team of specialists and moves in for the kill.