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persuade someone through flattery

use flattering talk on somebody

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New products planned for launch in the balance of the year include Colgate Sensitive Multi Protection toothpaste, Softsoap Nutri Serums Mineral Extracts and Soft-soap Black Orchid and Velvet Hibiscus body washes, and Softsoap Sea Minerals liquid hand soap.
Maybe this is the moment soufflebrained progressives stopped swallowing the PR PM's propaganda and scrutinised what the Tories are doing behind the soft-soap scripts.
But that's in stark contrast to the disciplinary panel's soft-soap approach when Rangers defender Bougherra escaped punishment for trying to stop ref Callum Murray flashing him a red card during March's notorious Old Firm Scottish Cup tie at Parkhead.
No amount of soft-soap could convince the 23-year-old from Edgbaston that staff at Fitness First on the city's Hagley Road followed normal procedures and checked the club premises before closing the venue at 10pm on Monday night.
MOST men in the West Midlands still soft-soap their partners into doing the housework, a new survey has revealed.
He allowed James Murdoch to soft-soap and grandstand.
You charm them, you soft-soap them and you tell them many lies.
Mike's soft-soap interviews are the closest thing to free advertising TV has to offer.
This is a token attempt to soft-soap fans and supporter-shareholders into thinking they will have some sort of stake in the club after Glazer takes over.
YET again, Moors murderer Myra Hindley tries to soft-soap her way out of jail.
It was a far cry from the soft-soap questioning Woods is used to in the US, and getting to the first tee at 9.
Now the testing ground will be the promised PSNI implementation plan and the extent to which it can be used to soft-soap the malcontents.
oscarwinner kathryn Bigelow doesn't soft-soap US policy: "Without bin Laden, al-Qaeda will focus on overseas targets.
And Greek internationalist Giourkas Seitaridis hasn't attempted to soft-soap his pal about what Celtic are about to be confronted with.
So the resurrection of the Cult of Thatcher is a political act, as the Tories soft-soap history to win the future.