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tap dancing wearing shoes that have soft soles

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How were we to intuit from the bold and amusing 1986 canvas, A Friend of Dorotlry, 1943--with its litany of homosexual epithets as outsize concrete poetry--that McDermott & McGough soft-shoed and sang their way across the new bohemia in Edwardian drag as part of an extended experiment in "time travel"?
If the man who soft-shoed into our lives was a Texan of one's imagination rather than of the real world the manner and voice were English in a way most English people no longer remember how to be.
Yes, his name was Lester Young and he played a tenor saxophone like nobody else; well nobody until Paul Quinichette came along, found that Young's sound and style suited his demeanour too and followed in his soft-shoed footsteps - not least in the Count Basie band.
What the fall campaign did most of all was to show up the bankruptcy of people like Ireland and Pope--the people who soft-shoed for Clinton and Gore for eight years.