soft-shoe shuffle

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tap dancing wearing shoes that have soft soles

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So excited was he at finally having an audience to play to other than his nearest and dearest that he launched into an impromptu soft-shoe shuffle so frenetic it looked more like he'd forgotten to put the non-slip mat down before using his new, easy walk-in bath.
Later on, she joined her old man for a lovely little rendition of Old Friends, where the two did a cute soft-shoe shuffle.
Costly's soft-shoe shuffle party piece was given its airing - to great cheers - and it almost provided a goal for Lee Carsley, who burst to the near post for the cross and had his close range attempt skewed away by a sliding tackle.
He tried to soft-shoe shuffle his way through Zenit's defence but was always out of step and eventually found himself crowded out.
In the end, it was left to LuaLua to tease Jonathan Fortune with a soft-shoe shuffle before firing across Scott Carson with the Charlton keeper only able to get the weakest of hands on the shot, pushing it into the far corner.
Instead of a clear stride offering decisive direction, the Government has given us a soft-shoe shuffle and smooth mood music.
There are many kinds of bravery, but standing on a stage, with only a joke, a soft-shoe shuffle, or the spin of a unicycle between you and disaster, must be high among them.
After a soft-shoe shuffle move from foot to foot, he casually placed his shot with ease past keeper Danny Coyne.
Sergeant's soft-shoe shuffle was just about passable, unfortunately it was exactly the same as his tango, foxtrot, quickstep and jive.
THIERRY HENRY supplied the soft-shoe shuffle and a glint of steel as Arsenal marched to the Premiership summit in imperious style.
His soft-shoe shuffle sent the Saints' defence first one way and then the other, creating an opening for him to aim his scoring shot through.
Poignant, too, when the boys do an impromptu - and extraordinarily dainty - soft-shoe shuffle to At The Ball, That's All.
The Samba sounds and Latin liaison on Teeside have allowed Clayton Blackmore to soft-shoe shuffle his way back for Wales.
I felt like I should do a soft-shoe shuffle," he quipped later.
Perhaps partly that is because we have had six years of Sven Goran Eriksson's soft-shoe shuffle.