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Synonyms for soft-shoe

tap dancing wearing shoes that have soft soles

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Pointe- or soft-shoe dancers want more resistance than tappers," he says.
Brent Calis (Mars) created a convincing god of war, while Michael Mori treated the audience to a soft-shoe shuffle as a silver-painted Mercury.
The band, which includes two part-timers on guitar and keyboards, has an easy-going soft-shoe pop sound, not unlike much of the Promise Ring's more recent material.
Every Sunday the usher dances a soft-shoe ballet, wicker basket in hand, up and down the aisle, dodging baby carriages and tote bags.
Sitting in Hirst's west--end Toronto office, they did a Fred-and-Ginger soft-shoe routine talking about the film.
He would have a bit of a soft-shoe shuffle after a few paces, then switch to a quick-step and by the time he got to the wicket he was all over the place.
Her nursing home productions have included wheelchair folk dances, a soft-shoe number for post-stroke patients, and musicals.
Poignant, too, when the boys do an impromptu - and extraordinarily dainty - soft-shoe shuffle to At The Ball, That's All.
Whatnot's Dick Gallagher is a more-than-competent tunesmith, and there is one soft-shoe number, "Hat and Cane" (with lyrics by the director, Mark Waldrop), that would pass muster in any show-biz musical of the last fifty years.
So in theory, if you practise a bit of soft-shoe shuffling and drive like Mother Theresa, you could have the Holy Grail of economy cars - a real-life 100mpg fuel miser.
In 1999, she helped Michael Mulheren and Lee Wilkof win Tony nominations with a comic soft-shoe for the Kiss Me, Kate highlight "Brush Up Your Shakespeare.
Later on, she joined her old man for a lovely little rendition of Old Friends, where the two did a cute soft-shoe shuffle.
Speaking as someone who has two left feet and wayward toes, I'm looking forward to learning the soft-shoe shuffle from the comfort of the settee.
I felt like I should do a soft-shoe shuffle," he quipped later.