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suggestive or persuasive advertising

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For Jahnke, that means creating events that pull in listeners--a specific niche segment for example--and create opportunities for sponsors to soft-sell products and services and listeners to learn better ways to do the business of farming.
It's a soft-sell approach, very educational, that entices and seduces consumers to the concept that accessories provide the warmth in a home.
The Mind Siege Project was co-written by LaHaye and Robert DeMoss--son of the wealthy head of the DeMoss Foundation, which bankrolled those soft-sell anti-abortion television commercials ("Life, what a wonderful choice") a few years ago.
It is a soft-sell approach that capitalizes on a buying opportunity.
She is one of the country's "insurance ladies", an army of soft-sell artists who have been the backbone of the world's largest life insurance business in premium revenue, selling policies to 90 per cent of the country's insured.
Greer states, "I always opt for the soft-sell approach as [my] first choice.
Endorsements, links in e-newsletters, and other soft-sell promotions are needed.
This understated copy almost certainly would fizzle in any other direct response medium, but apparently with e-mail a soft-sell approach can pay off nicely.
The most commonly used in advertising are complex arguments and soft-sell messages.
That soft-sell approach requires an intimate knowledge of the products being sold.
Critics of the Christian right might dismiss Reed's new mainstream soft-sell as the public-relations device it most certainly is.
She took a soft-sell approach to her initial announcement, putting out a video that blended shots of natural scenery around the state with clips of her talking to people in cafes and subway stations as she pledged in a voice-over to fight for the people.
But answering a question on LinkedIn is an opportunity to soft-sell yourself and your firm while also connecting with people outside of your network.