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  • verb

Synonyms for soft-pedal

to make less emphatic or obvious

Words related to soft-pedal

play down or obscure

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PRIME Minister David Cameron has denied soft-pedalling on human rights in China to improve his chances of securing business deals for Britain.
Or does the sudden soft-pedalling reflect our generally diminishing international status, with the army to be cut by 17,000 soldiers to its smallest size since the Boer War?
Tewari refuted allegations that the government had been soft-pedalling the 2G scam.
Dubai Families of Air India crash victims are accusing the airline and its lawyers of soft-pedalling on the compensation claims, and are considering taking legal recourse.
He argued that no measures could be imposed without dialogue, to counted claims that he was soft-pedalling after the union's strike threats.
Rhyl manager John Hulse dismissed fears that his side would be soft-pedalling against Porthmadog, writes Mike McEvoy.