soft pedal

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a pedal on a piano that moves the action closer to the strings and so soften the sound

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Maybe the Everyman's past will have to be soft-pedalled a bit, with eyes focused on glories to come rather than past achievements, and perhaps hardluck stories about how the theatre has achieved so much on so little might prove counter-productive, but the thrust will still be very much on convincing those holding the purse strings how central a city's cultural life is to its wellbeing and economic prosperity and development.
The European Union's consumer chief yesterday soft-pedalled her views on Apple, backing off the line that its iTunes online music store must become more compatible with other formats.
Critics, who have labelled the budget a missed opportunity, say the government failed to arrest the fiscal deficit's towering rise and had soft-pedalled on reforms.
US businesses have always soft-pedalled on the divisive issue of ethnic diversity within their workplaces.