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a pedal on a piano that moves the action closer to the strings and so soften the sound

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Because they were Protestants and the poor were predominantly Catholic and Irish, denominational differences were soft-pedaled.
news media soft-pedaled civilian deaths and were too slow coming up with a total.
Herald-Leader, which soft-pedaled the biggest story of the 1960s.
China's Vice Premier Qian Qichen soft-pedaled on the issue of Taiwan unification on Monday, saying China would not be in a hurry to press the issue as long as Taiwan accepts the ''one-China'' principle.
Yet most of the wall drawings of the last two decades, with their luscious surfaces and subtly soft-pedaled colors (not to mention the elaborate ink-wash technique), are too skilled and tasteful to allow for such comic relish, and my guess is that, given the contradictions in his work and practice, LeWitt often feels ambivalent about his late artiness.
But for the most part the opposition campaigns soft-pedaled green concerns and concentrated on a pocketbook message: This measure will raise taxes and increase bureaucracy.
If these two goals sound contradictory, that's because they are, and too often, the instinct to help the airlines--or, in the soft-pedaled jargon of the beltway, to "be sensitive to their concerns"--has softened the FAA's resolve to protect safety.
A more partisan biographer would have soft-pedaled Stierle's voracious desire for the spotlight, which was as infuriating around the family dinner table as it was among the senior Joffrey males, whose roles he sought (and got).
But we thought readers were not as "radical" as we, so we soft-pedaled the magazine's politics.