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  • verb

Synonyms for soft-pedal

to make less emphatic or obvious

Words related to soft-pedal

play down or obscure

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The phrase "Web Services security" generates more than 93,000 hits on Google, but proponents often soft-pedal threats while salivating over potential benefits.
And on a recent trip to Beijing, intimidating Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage did not just soft-pedal America's criticism.
For the time being, it seems that the EU will soft-pedal the two principal strains underlying the evolution of its defence policy - between France and the other EU Member States over the independence of the EU defence policy's mechanisms, and between Turkey and other NATO members over systematic EU access to NATO facilities.
Since that isn't likely to happen when you are calling folks to repentance and conversion, Tinsel Town tends to soft-pedal such messages, preferring instead to emphasize romantic or even sentimental versions of the Jesus story.
It was obvious that he (Clinton) did soft-pedal on the nuclear issue because he didn't want to tread on Indian toes on its own soil," said Brahma Chellaney of New Delhi's Centre for Policy Research.
Brownworth, a Pulitzer Prize nominee who has been writing for this magazine for almost a decade, is not one to shy away from controversy or soft-pedal the tough issues.
Before long, Freeman's campaign had shifted gear, in line with Christian Coalition directives to soft-pedal religious positions on issues such as abortion.
Recent studies have tended to soft-pedal weight reduction per se as a risk factor, leading to a more tolerant view of what had been considered excess weight.
Do you drive it like a berserker and get a headline economy figure that's a million miles from the manufacturers claims, do you soft-pedal it around in order to try to replicate the official consumption figures or do you just ignore the fact that it's an eco car and use it exactly as you would your normal daily driver?
What elevates the pie above the norm is a series of remarkably candid and eerily prescient interviews conducted by helmers Ian Markiewicz and Alex Hammond, who soft-pedal the circumstances of his abrupt demise but otherwise provide a thorough overview of the Memphis scene and Reatard's prominent place therein.
But there were fears Bush would soft-pedal on China's appalling record on human rights in a bid to win a powerful ally.
It is not permissible to soft-pedal contraception in the interests of a so-called pro-life ecumenism.
But I say there's more than a suspicion that they've been told to soft-pedal this in order not to disrupt the peace process.
If you've ever worked in a bureaucracy you know there is a tendency to soft-pedal the bad news and exaggerate the good as it climbs the chain of command.