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sound of quiet gentle steps

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Then he stole across the tiny meadow, pausing once and again to listen, and faded away out of the canyon like a wraith, soft-footed and without sound.
And though at first they had planned improvements, they had soon fallen in with the customs of their hidden kingdom, and moved about the soft-footed ways by woodland, hedgerow, and shaw as freely as the rabbits.
They were not humiliated, but were beaten because they failed to capitalise on their excellence and were locked in a comfort zone rudely disturbed by the soft-footed arrival of Eden Hazard.
More like a herd of elephants approaching than a soft-footed feline.
One of them would blend with the shadows and walk soft-footed across the short tarmac road.
Life would then be a tribal village through which she would stalk soft-footed and disguised: That would show him who was subjective.
Before settlement, the Australian landscape had only been trod by soft-footed mammals.