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The Guidelines manual soon will be available on CD-ROM, asa soft-cover book or can be downloaded via the NASTT Web site.
The 76-page soft-cover book covers 112 ASTM standards that apply to tribology.
The 290-page soft-cover book shows how to implement the successful AACN Synergy Model for Patient Care, a conceptual framework of the patient-nurse relationship that acknowledges how appropriate and effective nursing care will always be based on the needs of patients and their families.
These days, customers can get everything from a simple, soft-cover book for less than $20, to an elaborate, custom-made, museum-quality book costing thousands of dollars.
This soft-cover book aims to provide the beginning student with knowledge and fundamentals of nutrition related to the promotion and maintenance of optimal health.
This soft-cover book is one of a series designated Studies in the History of Medicine edited by Charles Webster of All Souls College, Oxford.
Perfect Pages: Book Design, Typography, and Microsoft Word, or How to Use MS Word for Typesetting and Page Layout in Formatting Your Books for Desktop Publishing, Self Publishing, and Print on Demand is the long title of a 138-page soft-cover book.
Each 64-page, soft-cover book retains key phrases and quotations from the original classic.
In October, Ashgate Publishing (Burlington, VT) will release "Enforcing International Law," a soft-cover book that examines the fundamental link between two basic concepts in international law, the right to self-help and the obligation to settle disputes by peaceful means.
The soft-cover book defines common terms such as brand and news release, as well as lesser-known and newer terms such as blog and ZMET.
As an example, my printer in Michigan will charge about $6,000 to print 3,000 copies of a 200-page soft-cover book. Other printers have quoted $8,000 to $10,000 on the same volume.
Building Bridges: A Peace Corps Classroom Guide to Cross-Cultural Understanding is available as a 48-page soft-cover book and on the Web.
Although it's printed on good paper stock that makes the most of each photograph, the only color photograph is on the front of this soft-cover book. Being objective, the book would seem much more marketable if it were sold for half the price.
The rectangular shaped, soft-cover book, reminiscent of the iconic restaurant guide, is retailing for $15.95.
It's worth noting that the author is a consultant and president of the Stonehaven Group, publisher of this soft-cover book, and that the final pages are devoted to order forms for this book and other Stonehaven products.