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easily moved to pity or sorrow


(eggs) having the yolk still liquid

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The food arrived and was impeccably presented, with my two pieces of hake balanced over a tangle of beansprouts and greens served gado-gado style, with soft-boiled eggs on the side and a delicious satay-style sauce stirred through it all.
Refresh in ice water Place in a large bowl the kale, kidney beans, apricots, onion, coriander and sardines Add spelt, toss and coat all ingredients Serve on plate finished with soft-boiled quails egg and dress with coriander leaf.
So, instead of a nice firm soft-boiled egg, I must make do with a runny, undercooked mess, while being closely observed by three suspicious cats who presumably fear that this break from normal routine presages my running off and leaving them in the care of a stranger.
For as the First Footman of the Breakfast Chamber slices the top orf Charles' second soft-boiled egg our petulant princeling flings his little toastie soldiers at the serf and kicks a passing corgi.
It took a sharp knife and a steady wrist to top a soft-boiled egg.
I've gone eastern with my eggs lately too: a soft-boiled egg broken over a soy-dressed spinach and shiitake-mushroom salad is totally satisfying.
This was based on a survey which included an item on how long one should cook an egg for it to be perfectly soft-boiled.
According to manufacturer Pork Farms, all the user is required to do is add boiling water to the pre-cooked soft-boiled egg, the Grocer reported.
Start your trip by breakfasting at Ya Kun Kaya Toast in Chinatown, where a bowl of very soft-boiled eggs are covered in soy sauce and served with kaya toast - bread stuffed with butter, sugar and coconut milk.
Product categories include the hard-boiled category, soft-boiled category and chocolate-coated category.
I'll often have soft-boiled eggs, smoked salmon, and whole-wheat toast for breakfast; cold cuts, vegetables, and fruit for lunch; and usually chicken or fish with rice and more vegetables for dinner.
This is a time of your life when you can't drink, smoke, or touch any Brie, sea food, espressos and soft-boiled eggs.
Enjoy a candlelit dinner of smoked salmon and soft-boiled duck egg followed by roast spring chicken Dijon and chocolate cake with fruit compote for around pounds 30.