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The mean and mode values obtained for Oore granite were imported into Paint soft ware and the best model was assessed.
Djarot Subiantoro, chairman of the soft ware association (Aspiluki) said large domestic and foreign companies will continue to account for most of the spending this year.
But while the battle between the king of the hill and the upstart plays out in the market, switching to open-source soft ware would be a huge savings for poor nations that can hardly afford basic services for many of its citizens.
The Voyager unit houses all the instrumentation and soft ware needed for on-line particle size analysis and can be moved easily around a plant.
Eight years ago the functionality was moved to the PC with client/server soft ware.
In the image analysis approach, graphics soft ware is used to factor out the effects of paper formation
The soft ware also features message board posting for group, class or team discussions facilitated by a designated moderator.
has announced that it has successfully integrated its Keystone Library Automation System (KLAS) soft ware with a state-of-the-art computer-controlled warehouse storage-and-retrieval system manufactured by Diamond Phoenix.
Decision is an open, extensible and Web-based soft ware platform that provides advanced BI reporting and analysis capabilities for multidimensional data.
From the on-line edition of the San Jose Mercury News on hand-held computers with new soft ware that directs its users to restrooms: "Rovenet Inc.
Will the independent soft ware vendors (ISVs) incorporate support for the myriad of standards the consortium has proposed--from cartridge memory to enhanced leader block data sets?
NEW YORK-The mantra for Asian-inspired soft ware is being chanted by table linen buyers in department and specialty stores throughout the country.