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Other pilots simply didn't hit the best soft spot they could, instead hitting buildings, trees or other immovable objects--again with suboptimal results.
After slowing down, I turned toward the soft spot in the storms, made sure we were ready and focused on the gauges.
Eddie Watt: has a soft spot for Ascot Gold Cup winner Ragstone
Millions watched on Saturday night as Shirley Hough got through the TV talent show auditions after handing judge Louis Walsh a rose and admitting to having a soft spot for him.
The Scunthorpe goalkeeper, who made just seven appearances for Albion during a three-year spell, still has a soft spot for the Baggies and he fully expects them to be up there again this term.
It seems like Toon teens also have a soft spot for Mr Nasty himself, Simon Cowell, as 11% of them would like to go on holiday with him, more than anywhere else in the country.
Last night, the leader of Newcastle Council admitted to having a soft spot for the building, but said it could not stand in the way of progress across the water.
I've a bit of a soft spot for St Pat's now that we sponsor them (Ed: Really.
Now I've got a soft spot for hedonism, but I understood where Berry was coming from.
In the dining area, for example, theatrical barn-door lights drop a soft spot of light onto each table, illuminating parties of diners, while bubbles of light sparkle in the darkness overhead.
Kirby obviously has a soft spot in his heart for queer filmmakers, beginning his film with the travails Kimberly Peirce faced in releasing her Academy Award-winning Boys Don't Cry.
Miss Fry has a soft spot for them all--but one pet is very special?
The result was that liberals have always had a soft spot for McCarthy's victims and have not only understood the harm he did but have also written books and made movies about it.
On the other hand, we have also shown in published studies that improper plastering practices can cause excessive porosity and surface breakdown, leading to the soft spot phenomenon (often called "spot etching"), which, despite its slang term, actually has nothing to do with etching.