soft soap

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Synonyms for soft soap

excessive, ingratiating praise

to persuade or try to persuade by gentle persistent urging or flattery

to compliment excessively and ingratiatingly

Synonyms for soft soap

flattery designed to gain favor

a soft (or liquid) soap made from vegetable oils


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At the time in 1977 when the talk show host landed his now famous interview with disgraced Richard Nixon, he was ridiculed by many, having built his reputation on soft soap interviews.
A soft soap for car wash crooks ENTERPRISING burglars used a powerful shop vacuum to suck quarters out of a coin-operated machine at a car wash in the US.
To get rid of sticking of the plaster to the base, a soft soap is applied into the pool by using either foam or a soft brush.
Nathan Thornton and Phillip Ross originally made soft soap and packed household ammonia.
This set includes six colors of blendable, nontoxic soft soap clay to design yummy-looking candy-shaped soaps.
Aretha - her tribute to the queen of soul Aretha Franklin - comes without sugar or soft soap.
ABBOTTABAD, 05 May , 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- The NWFP Government has ordered to reopen the mines of soft soap in Sherwan area of the district Abbottabad beside establishing one hospital at Pind Kargu Khan and executing one big water supply scheme costing Rs.
The yobs used a DIY napalm-type mixture of petrol and soft soap.
This method, patterned after one used by the early settlers of North America, produces soft soap by combining fat and potash (lye obtained by leaching wood or plant ashes.
Organic gardeners will use soft soap solutions or high pressure water jets.
That's why it's so striking to see signs of genuine political collaboration in this field, without a trace of soft soap.
Labe's second voice is a voice bestowed on Petrarch's silent Laura, a device that allows Rigolot to investigate Labe's use of parodic quotation, her contempt for Petrarch's soft soap, and her studied rewriting of the grammar of 'amour'.
For gardeners wishing to use organic pesticides there are a number of products including Soft Soap, an effective pest control and general cleaner.
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