soft shield fern

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European shield fern cultivated in many varieties

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Pockets left between logs can be filled with a range of ferns, including the luxuriant soft shield fern. Or try the hard shield fern, which has brown spores on the underside of its leaves, and blechnums, with evergreen fronds edged with teeth like a hedge trimmer.
However, some of our native evergreen ferns will do very well in dry shade, such as hart's tongue fern, Asplenium scolopendrium, Polystichum setiferum, the soft shield fern and the common polypody Polypode vulgare.
Include evergreens like leathery-leaved hart's tongue fern and soft shield fern, which has finely divided fronds, to give a variety of leaf textures.
Select evergreen varieties such as hart's tongue fern (pictured), male fern and soft shield fern that will cope with dim light and dry soil.
setiferum, a clump-former also known as soft shield fern, which has lowarching, lance-shaped fronds which look like octopus tentacles divided into tiny, oval, toothed leaves.
Underplant with ground-hugging ajuga, alchemilla, epimediums, bergenia, hellebores, lamium, pulmonaria and soft shield ferns.
Soft shield ferns and 'Crispa Cristata' male ferns surround them, all growing above dwarf mondo grass and purple shamrock.