soft sell

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suggestive or persuasive advertising

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And as the star of new HTV show Soft Sell, Margaret proves her point by transforming houses that can't sell into those that are sold within weeks.
These new owners are looking for ways to soft sell their avarice and sneak into our pockets.
Still, the study reads a bit like a soft sell aimed at getting people to switch from apples to the Peach State's favorite fruit.
He suggests building a relationship with the consumer with a soft sell and using in-country sales reps familiar with local dialects.
By "creating an ambiance of customer service and a basic sense of trust," he writes, "companies using the soft sell fool us into believing they have abandoned the cruelest coercive practices of their predecessors, when all they've really done is replaced them with kinder-looking ones and shifted the direct abuse onto their salespeople.
The soft sell is that it helps make budgeting simpler, but an alternative to Software Subscription, such as leaving the customer alone to decide when they want to upgrade their operating system and related tools, is not being presented.
The low response and high retention rates result because the program by nature is a completely voluntary soft sell.
Soft Sell, 1993, by Diller + Scofidio, and Scoring the Park, 1995, by Mark Robbins, cleverly reveal how statements of desire, disgust, and democracy circulate around two highly contested Manhattan sites: Times Square and the Ramble in Central Park.
It's a promotional tool with a soft sell, clothed in four pages of news briefs on movers and shakers in international media and communication.
Whether lured by hard or soft sell, when films come to a state, results are generally good for the communities involved.