soft rot

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mushy or slimy decay of plants caused by bacteria or fungi

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This is the first study to reveal that these four strains are causative agents of soft rot disease in potato, onion and pepper in East Anatolia and also in Turkey.
On the basis of visual observation, infected plants with typical soft rot symptoms were collected from livestock research centre, G.
In the present study, we established an aiiA gene transformation system of soft rot resistant.
Plant material with symptoms of soft rot disease were selected in order to isolate bacterial plant pathogens as described (Perombelon and Kelman, 1980).
Among the fungi the soft rot fungi, Trichoderma have been shown to be efficient producer of xylan degrading enzyme activity [20].
Growth studies of Pseudomonas fluorescens implicated in soft rot of purple variety of Onions in Southern Nigeria.
White rot, soft rot, and termites were prevalent at the Innisfail site.
The scientists found that three of the compounds they tested provided some protection against Rhizopus soft rot, a fungus that infects sweetpotatoes after harvest by invading through breaks in the skin.
If potatoes are stored wet and conditions are warm, a soft rot of the surrounding tissue may ensue, and extensive decay of the entire tuber may occur in extreme cases.
color defects and/or decay) were classified into 5 grades: 1 = no damage (no visible color defects or decay); 2 = color defect in pith with a diameter <20 mm (slight color change); 3 = hard rot in pith with a diameter <20 mm (clear color change, usually as a result of chemical reaction or preliminary stage of decay); 4 = hard rot (the wood material dark but still hard, a condition caused by an infection related to a decaying fungus); 5 = soft rot (wood material is dark and soft, and wears away when scratched) (see Schatz et al.
Had the sense to begin, as his nephew does, with the soft rot, the sough-facing sections that are so shot they need only be tapped to disintegrate and cascade like handfuls of soil straight back to earth, where all dead things land.
The spores are everywhere and if conditions are right it causes a soft rot.
One unique compound was especially effective against strawberry anthracnose and strawberry soft rot and leaf blight.
It has moderate resistance to fruit soft rot, a bacteria that attacks damp tomatoes after the fruit has been harvested.