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yeast-raised roll with a soft crust

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The MFO is suited for opening soft roll goods waste and processing cotton, man-made fibers up to 120 mm staple length and fiberglass.
Still, my grandfather lit the light of tradition within me, and in the soft roll of the old talk I found and reclaimed myself.
A soft roll of white bread was a coveted prize for good marks and behaviour.
I loved the soft roll of its name, the confidence of "never was it know," the drama of we who "fled to thy protection, implored thy help or sought thy intercession.
For something Asian, order the BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich-parmesan soft roll filled with sweet and tangy pulled pork marinated in hickory barbeque sauce, and topped with cheddar and mayo.
We tried the vegan jumbo frankfurter, served in an eight-and-ahalf inch soft roll, and you can choose jalapenos, mustard & ketchup for toppings (PS3).
Tender, sweet lobster pieces are tossed in a light mayonnaise mix and piled on half of a soft roll.
95) which came with gherkins, fried onions, grated cheese and mustard in a soft roll with triple-cooked chips.
Once fully curled, use a flat brush coated with a shine spray to brush through the waves for a chic, soft roll.
That would explain the fact that the menu for the noon meal at the Senior Center tomorrow, which comes from Elder Services of Worcester, is definitely holiday fare: roast turkey and gravy, sweet potatoes and apples, broccoli au gratin, soft roll, angel cake and strawberries.
The grilled chicken sandwich was piled high and meaty with two chicken fillets in a soft roll.
The new chain extenders expand applications from harder, fatigue-resistant MDI elastomers to lowdurometer TDI elastomers suitable for soft roll covers and seals, vibration damping, and applications that require a high level of tear and fatigue resistance.
Low-durometer TDI formulated with HER is said to be ideal for soft roll covers and seals, vibration dampening and some rubber applications that require a high level of resistance to tear.
Nip Stat[R] allows the engineer to easily perform the following web oriented calculations: crown correction, cover deflection, crown of roll and crown at station, P&J to modulus, water cooling, speed differential, desphande (for hard-to soft roll nip width prediction: soft at 2 P&J and softer) and hertzian stress formulas (for hard on hard applications of 1 P&J or harder).
Some were grateful for the bowl of tuna casserole and a soft roll.