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a pretzel made of soft bread

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EDT one can get a free Jumbo Soft pretzel at ( Ben's Soft Pretzels.
Founded in 1994, Wetzel's Pretzels includes a range of fresh baked soft pretzels, Wetzel Dogs, Wetzel Bitz and beverages.
Pretzel Fillers represent a new generation of soft pretzels. They are the first soft pretzels to be both filled and topped.
Onion Veggie Cream Cheese: Soft pretzel dough filled with a medley of garden vegetable herbed cream cheese and topped with shavings of toasted onion and bread crumbs.
Auntie Anne's, which ranks in the top six percent of North American franchisers, offers its soft pretzels from free-standing units that are suited to both malls and strip plazas.
J&J was the only soft pretzel producer to win this coveted award.
Private equity firm Roark Capital said Friday it had agreed to take over US Auntie Anne's, the franchise operator of the hand-rolled soft pretzel chain, for an unrevealed price and via its subsidiary, FOCUS Brands.
Since 2015, Ben's Soft Pretzels celebrates National Pretzel Day by partnering with the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund to raise money for veterans in need through the "Pretzels for Heroes" program.
NYC Vegan: Iconic Recipes for a Taste of the Big Apple provides a fine celebration of old and modern New York tastes with a vegan twist, including ethnic, neighborhood, and regional specialties that range from soft pretzels and knishes to pot pies, Italian lasagna, and falafel.
"Full inventory" includes bratwurst, soft pretzels, coffees, beer, wine and hard apple cider.
A tangy, sweet creamy blend of ingredients makes Honey Mustard Dip ideal as a recipe ingredient and for enjoying with chicken nuggets, vegetables, tossed salads, deviled eggs, soft pretzels and sandwiches.
While the two-looped knot-shaped, hard pretzel may be the most popular kind of pretzel, soft pretzels are also liked.
Today, Swissmaker is best known for its roasted nuts, soft pretzels, and Swiss chocolates, The company will take occupancy of the two-floor retail space, its first New York location, in March.
As for Philly cuisine, the city is known for it's hoagies, soft pretzels, water ice and, of course, cheesesteaks.