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news that does not deal with serious topics or events

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Sex, lies, and war: How soft news brings foreign policy to the inattentive public.
Furthermore, categories were established for hard news and soft news based on existing literature to assess the main themes as it related to the coverage of Puerto Rico in El Nuevo Hera/d, the Chicago Tribune and the New York Times (Bonini and Morello 2014; Humphries 1981; Kalogeropoulos et al.
The commonplace pairing of an attractive, and often younger, female presenter with an older male meant that the woman usually delivered the soft news stories and the male the hard news (Holland, 1998; Ryan and Chavez Mapaye, 2010).
NGUYEN, An (2012): "The effect of soft news on public attachment to the News" en Journalism Studies, no.
Different from some studies (Shoemaker, Danielian, & Brendlinger, 1991; Tai, 2000; Wu, 2003) which showed international news coverage tended to focus heavily on sensational stories involving crisis and conflict, the current study showed that hard news was more prominent than sensational news and that soft news was the least covered.
According to Hamilton (2004), this will lead to an increase in soft news.
In choosing to cover its range of hard and soft news, it touches only one or two of the day's top stories in any category, thus leaving much out.
En el area de soft news se sufrio mas, pasaron por la XEW Martha Figueroa, Alvaro Cueva, Paola Rojas, Fernanda Tapia y finalmente se encontro el balance con Martha Debayle, hoy buscada desde MVS en lo que paradojicamente, de concretarse el traspaso, albergana a Aristegui, Debayle, Jairo Calixto Albarran y Ezra Shabot, todos provenientes de W.
Both hard and soft news stories appeared in the press severely opposed the government stance.
Soft news stories usually touch upon entertainment or infotainment, including art, fashion, lifestyle, culture, society, and so forth.
Hard news stories frame more peace journalism than soft news stories.
Give his assault of ready-made new German words a read--frozen face syndrome, zen mail, patriotic investment, downshifting, toxic shares, Newropa, plamegate, tweenager, soft news, iPorn, rankism, lazy interactivity, modern patriotism, midisage, edge city, adult pop, debriefing, shockumentary, non-target, stealth politics, agenda setter--or consider his slide show of three-letter words: FBI, Gap, MIT, MTV, BMW.
The schedule has been described as mostly light entertainment (51 percent), followed by soft news (23.
What might have been seen as ridiculously soft news, propaganda even, in previous years has become the real story in the summer of 2010.
The "New Age" is marked by the proliferation of cable television (and concomitant heightened competition for audience), trends toward negative over positive news, soft news over hard news (leading to less news about the president), a declining audience for news, and decreased public trust of the media.