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news that does not deal with serious topics or events

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Different from some studies (Shoemaker, Danielian, & Brendlinger, 1991; Tai, 2000; Wu, 2003) which showed international news coverage tended to focus heavily on sensational stories involving crisis and conflict, the current study showed that hard news was more prominent than sensational news and that soft news was the least covered.
Some scholars in the field of news translation have also noticed the significance of soft news and have done some preliminary research on the transediting of soft news items from the perspective of Skopos theory (Cao, 2009; Chen, 2011; Fang, 2002; Hu, 2004; Wang, 2005; Xu & Wang, 2001).
Rising sensationalism and nonpolicy stories fuel negativity, while the increase in soft news leads to more positive news.
Young Yemeni Female journalists are breaking the stereotype of being only soft news writers and starting to write about economics.
Don't ask me why, it was the kind of thing which Nationwide did on a soft news day.
Among young adults, an average of 33 percent said they were aware of the hard news story and 68 percent replied they knew about the soft news item.
Crucial to the book are data on stealth ads, ratings, spare, jargon, soft news, advergames, and news-speak.
The problem here was not that investigating the President was soft news.
Baum's main argument is that soft news television programs have an important yet insufficiently studied impact on US public opinion of foreign policy issues.
Third, the trend toward increased soft news, a mixture of information with a heavy dose of entertainment, dilutes both politics and news and contributes to declining election interest.
This, he said, was the result of a "post-Watergate 'gotcha' type of journalism" exemplified by "the reassignment of soft news to hard-news reporters as soon as it hits the front page.
Hard news refers to traditional straight news stories, whereas soft news refers to human interest or entertainment-slanted features.
Sonja, the oldest female contestant, was bounced last week, and promptly did a walking tour of all the soft news shows.
Leading magazine Media Week said: "The Mirror's mix of hard and soft news is now working exceptionally well.
soft news, interviews, analytical stories, previews, and sum-ups, etc.