soft money

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political contributions made in such a way as to avoid the United States regulations for federal election campaigns (as by contributions to a political action committee)

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But in 1999 he suggested a more partisan motive, telling The Washington Post, "Take away soft money and we wouldn't be in the majority in the House and the majority in the Senate, and couldn't win back the White House.
Ansolabehere's group divided the Fortune 500 into three groups: 216 companies that did not make soft money contributions, 142 that were modest donors (giving up to $250,000), and 142 large donors who gave more than $250,000.
With soft money having migrated to the 527s, and with hard money more than filling the vacuum for candidates and the parties, McCain-Feingold's remaining rampart is the Federal Elections Commission.
It will now be impossible to remove the massive amounts of unregulated and unreported soft money, and its influence, from the system before the 2004 presidential election.
The Supreme Court upheld the BCFRA's restrictions on soft money to prevent donors from circumventing contribution limits that the Court upheld in Buckley and subsequent cases.
Yet, the ban on soft money fundraising by the national parties will make elections significantly more uncompetitive.
Feingold: I think it's because the Democratic Party decided that corporatizing was a way to help with fundraising, especially in an era of soft money.
The Bill bans the use of soft money to buy 'issue adverts' within 60 days of an election or 30 days of a primary.
The proposed Ney-Wynn bill caps soft money contributions to national party committees at $75,000 and does not change the current unlimited fundraising for state parties or $1,000 hard money limit.
7 million in soft money down on the parties to protect their outrageous profit margins.
AFTER HEARING ABOUT THE VERITABLE FLOOD OF corporate cash funneled into presidential campaign coffers and soft money reservoirs, you may have questions about whose interests our two main competitors for the White House will actually represent when one of them finds himself snoring in the Lincoln Bedroom (that is, if it hasn't been sublet to a Chinese executive).
With nearly $3 billion spent on federal elections in 1996 and controversies over foreign donors, soft money spending, and the Lincoln bedroom, the congressional hearings on campaign financing have much to cover.
Scott Franklin, the Company's Executive Vice President, commented: "We intend to capitalize on all of the soft money tax incentives currently available under EU production treaties and look forward to a strong alliance with European partners.
The implosion of Enron aided passage of the 2002 Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA), eliminating massive soft money contributions to federal party committees.
Spending Type (in $ millions) 2000 2004 Soft money $ 498 NA Individual contributions 1,460 2,500 PAC contributions 288 384 Candidate self-funding 205 144 Independent (interest group/527) 200 386 Public funds 238 207 Convention host committee 96 139 Other 57 102 Total $3,042 $3,862 Source: Center for Responsive Politics