soft ice cream

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dessert resembling ice cream but with a boiled custard base

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Pros: Dinky and fun Cons: Smaller capacity Score: 7/10 2 In 1 Retro Slushie And Soft Ice Cream Maker (findmeagift.
In this role, Duerson will be responsible for the development and management of the rapidly growing milkshake and soft ice cream businesses within the QSR and Large Chain Channels.
In addition to premium soft ice cream, the company offers a prepackaged milkshake platform, Flavor Injected Blending Apparatus (FIBA), in which the product is mixed and customized at Archibald's dairies and shipped frozen and ready-to-serve directly to the point of sale.
Hoping to recreate the once bustling park where the rollercoaster was invented, as well as the hot dog and soft ice cream, the CIDC will release its final plan this summer.
CoolBrands' Foodservice Division manufactures and sells premium soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt to the foodservice industry, including Weight Watchers(R) Smart Ones(R) Non Fat Soft Ice Cream and soon to be introduced Atkins(R) Endulge(TM) Soft Ice Cream for controlled carbohydrate lifestyles.
Since Richmond Ice Cream bought Nestle's UK ice cream business in October 2001, it has been determined to beat back the competition in soft ice cream.
Meanwhile, Langnese of Hamburg (Fax: 4940-359-72445) is also very much into soft ice cream, and has announced two new flavors in its Cremissimo line.
The McGill Technology Limited group, and its global partners, has achieved market leadership in the most challenging market of Japan within a period of just three years with its One-Shot[R] soft ice cream dispensing system.
Within moments, silky smooth soft ice cream comes oozing down the chute to the dispenser, where, thanks to the twister nozzle at the very end of the process, it comes out in yummy swirls.
Then top evenly with all butter pound cake slices, being careful not to press too hard into soft ice cream layer.
After Watt remarked during rehearsal one day that it would be fun if she could make her braid stand straight up, the choreographer devised a quirky headdress for her that points up, like an enormous swirl of soft ice cream.
A selector switch gives the option for hard or soft ice cream or for frozen yogurt.
Whirl berries, ice, 2 tablespoons sugar, and milk until smooth and the consistency of soft ice cream.
The soft ice cream (also called Gelato in Italy) which is mainly supplied to food stores for them to mix accounted for a very small proportion.
The public wanted soft ice cream bought from vans, but the technology wasn't there.