soft glass

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glass having a relatively low softening point

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The refractive index of both E7-LC and soft glass (SF57) are wavelength dependent [15,20-24].
Soft glass was delivered to a refractory (heat-resistant) mould to give shape to the glass.
The handles are of aluminium covered by a soft glass fibre and nylon grip.
Growth is also being generated by other products: decorative bulbs, soft glass reflectors, quartz lighting and fluorescent lamps.
The project will address technological challenges in soft glass micro-structured fibre design and fabrication to adapt fibre-based mid-IR SCG sources to the challenging application demands, following similar such demonstrations by the applicant during his PhD work in silica fibres for near-infrared and visible spectral ranges.
To complete this customer's idea of his "perfect" gun, we installed an Ed Brown beavertail; match trigger; 4 1/2- to 5-pound carry trigger; Brown bobtail, hammer and tactical safety; beveled magwell; bevel all edges; 45-degree bevel on slide rails; "V" grooves on slide; stipple grip with concave borders; lower port; tune extractor; SDM low-mount rear sight; front Novak white dot; flattop and serrated slide top; cut and polish barrel ramp; undercut triggerguard; serrate rear of slide to match sight; soft glass bead everything; polish all pin heads and blue and topped it off with fancy checkered walnut grips.