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"For instance, high soft drink consumption may be a marker of overall unhealthy diet," the researcher added.
The company has expanded soft drink lineups since March, by offering Asahi Soft Drinks' beverages in DyDo Drinco machines.
There was an association between higher all-cause mortality and drinking at least two glasses per day of total soft drinks (hazard ratio, 1.17), sugar-sweetened soft drinks (hazard ratio, 1.08), and artificially sweetened soft drinks (hazard ratio, 1.26) compared with drinking less than one glass per month.
Although our results suggest modest changes in weight as a result of soft drink taxation, we should note that soft drinks are currently taxed at a low rate and many states are proposing sizeable changes to the soft drink tax rate.
Talking to private news channel medical experts, however, advised people to use home-made juices instead of soft drinks in Iftar as it is easily absorbed during digestion process.
There are several types of soft drinks: regular, caffeinated and caffeine-free just to name a few.
"Adultifying Soft Drinks" explores opportunities to meet rising adult demand for non-alcoholic beverages.
• Drink the soft drink quickly; avoid sipping over a long period of time.
Cutting back on just one sugary soft drink or sweetened tea or coffee and drinking water instead can significantly reduce the incidence of Type 2 diabetes.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 24, 2015-Britvic Buys Brazilian Soft Drink Company for BRL 580m
Dubai: The dangers of soft drink consumption in young children have far from fizzled out with an international study in August linking consumption with behavioural problems.
Traders here say that a leading soft drink company is withholding its popular fizzy products from the market in preparation for price increases.
Overall, China's carbonated soft drink market has seen low double-digit growth (up 10% from 2006-10), which is significantly faster than other global markets such as the U.S.