soft diet

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a diet that does not require chewing

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The soft diet regimen was started and tolerated significantly sooner (p < 0.
It's all too easy for one tipple to lead to another, so avoid drinking on an empty stomach, and alternate each glass with water or a soft diet drink.
The patient's symptoms were ultimately controlled with immunosuppression by steroids and tacrolimus, and he was then able to tolerate a soft diet.
Marlene eat in the dining room where she could be supervised and recommended that she remain on a soft diet.
She was given standard advise to remain on liquid diet for 2 weeks, followed by 2 weeks of soft diet, before reintroducing solids.
He rested well last night and has been put on soft diet.
The classic first line of care includes mouth guards, NSAIDs, and a soft diet.
I couldn't eat properly so I was on protein shakes and trying to keep my soft diet up - lots of mashed potato," he said.
Instruction of a soft diet and jaw rest is given as is the prescription of NSAIDs and muscle relaxants (valium).
I monitor her, know when she needs medication and I'm there to feed her and cut up her food because she's limited to a soft diet.
Twenty-five per cent of patients managed a normal diet, 38% a soft diet, 25% thickened fluids and 12% only liquids.
Earlier this month, an inquest heard patient Martin Jennings, who was on a strict soft diet, choked to death on toast given to him by healthcare assistants at Heartlands.
Martin was on a soft diet and staff knew he shouldn't be eating toast but they allowed him to eat it and his death could have occurred on any of the occasions he was given it.