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(computer science) matter that is in a form that a computer can store or display it on a computer screen

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Print out the application and save a soft copy as well.
I can confirm also that a soft copy of the register was made available to the State.
To join, the filmmaker should submit a completed application form; filmmaker's profile; a soft copy in PDF format and hard copy of the concept paper, director's statement and topic outline; director's reel and sample works in DVD format; and proposed budget outline in the format of preproduction, production and postproduction.
The opposition coalition primarily focuses on correcting the voter register, getting a soft copy of it and approving the proportional list before reshuffling SCER.
The Carl's Table[R] Model CT08 is an advanced radiology desk for reading soft copy and for teleradiology applications.
2 provides advanced capabilities for the soft copy interpretation of mammography and other breast imaging studies by integrating CAD into both radiologist and technologist workflows.
You can also download them in soft copy from the Army PM GPS websitc at: https://gps.
Document delivery in SwetsnetNavigator allows users to order the hard copy version (and soft copy, if available) of articles through the numerous document suppliers.
The FDA's decision to allow soft copy reading of mammograms was based on studies that showed soft copy images were as good as film.
The agreement also includes digital upgrades built around the Hologic detector and Hologic's Inverse Topography software, which allows radiologists to look at both soft tissue and bone detail in the same hard or soft copy image.
complete including submitting 6 sets of hard copies of designs in color and one set of soft copy of digital design prepared in respective software like water gems/ Sewer CAD etc.
He added in the first phase, the soft copy of course material will be provided in limited programs that include Matric, intermediate, bachelor and selected master degree programs.
She said she already ordered the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to copy the hard drive since the Senate is only asking for a soft copy.
During the course of the meeting, Secretary Statistics Division told soft copy of data pertaining to voters of 60 districts is available with department while remaining 40 percent is in hard copy.