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the underside of a part of a building (such as an arch or overhang or beam etc

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We offer both ventilated and nonvented soffit boards.
The second problem is the bathroom fan venting through the soffit.
The soffit boards from the UK company are offered in five meter lengths & in different widths ranging from 100mm-600mm.
It has supplied UPVc windows and doors including new soffits, fascias and front and rear wall cladding.
IFL has an ongoing multi-year contract to furnish soffit architectural components to Pulte Homes, Inc.
Whether your business is in PVC-UE cellular foam building products, PVC-U rainwater products or twin wall soffit production, raw materials, distribution, machinery sales or in a related industry this report is essential reading.
Contract Notice: The works generally comprise hydroblasting to remove defective concrete from the soffit and sides of dolphins, dry-blast cleaning reinforcement as necessary, the provision of supplementary reinforcement as required, coating of reinforcement and reinstatement of the concrete using sprayed concrete.
But make sure that any soffit vents are not going to be blocked by insulation in the process, and if they are blocked now, they should be cleared.
As well as increasing membership among these individuals, Catherine and the SOFFIT team plans to create Technical Manager forums and 'round table debates' to encourage sharing of ideas and hest practise among technical managers working in industry.
The 16-strong Pyeroy team of contractors and underground engineers only had access to the Victorian bridge for an hour or so a night (for the soffit works) when trains were not running.
Suspended from the unfinished concrete soffit, an L-shaped steel and glass box extends out and protrudes onto each of the two streets, attracting passing trade from both directions.
Another way HDI defines the major circulation artery that directs traffic and adds visual impact on the second floor was with a ringed 50' diameter ceiling soffit enhanced by decorative fluorescent lighting accenting the center core.
This allows a blackout and a solarshade to be recessed within a window frame, pocket or soffit.
Speaking of style, because of the dramatic effect it has on a home's appearance, your combination of siding style, soffit and accessories is the next aspect of your purchase decision.
APA Panels for Soffit Applications--APA trademarked panels lend strength and stiffness to any soffit with negligible warping and shrinkage.