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a sofa that can be converted into a bed

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The hotel's 122 newly-updated suites each have a separate living room with sofa bed, workspace, and HDTV.
GEAR UP FOR GUESTS Catering for extra guests is easy when you have a sofa bed.
Either get a job, or move to a smaller house and get a sofa bed.
Lord Freud, who serves as an unpaid minister at the Department for Work &Pensions, suggested that separated parents could either pay the penalty for an extra bedroom or make use of a sofa bed when children were staying.
The money will be used to buy items such as sofa beds for fathers or partners to improve their experience and also for additional equipment for maternity services.
I'M looking for a sofa bed to fit in a 180cm gap below the window in my box room.
Sofa beds are always great alternatives to traditional sofas and provide the opportunity to create a multi-functional room.
It offers sofas, sectionals and sofa beds in all sizes and configurations.
As Christmas day falls on a Saturday this year John Lewis is expecting a rush on state of the art inflatable beds, sofa beds, mini fridges, miraculously extending dining tables and folding chairs, as house guests get set to bed in for the weekend.
There are some stylish sofa beds around these days and manufacturers have finally twigged that if they make them as hard as rocks to sit on, no-one will buy them.
Over 100 'Friends' from all walks of life attended the event at which eight sofa beds were presented to the prison for the care suite that supports prisoners in danger of self-harm.
SleepTec has found a solution to the comfort issues associated with sofa beds," said Dan McAthie, Select Comfort's president and chief executive.
Thankfully, things have advanced on this front, and the new era of sofa beds provides a far better opportunity for a good night's sleep.