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someone who engages in anal copulation (especially a male who engages in anal copulation with another male)

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A contemporary charge of sodomitic affection cannot in itself stand as evidence that Gleim and Jacobi's kisses made their missives homoerotic, let alone that they were practitioners of 'Greek love'.
Angry critics on the right scorn them for sending the signal that homosexuality is just another legit "lifestyle choice" in today's sodomitic smorgasbord of cultural decline.
It is unclear whether the clause confers upon the individual the "liberty" to engage in sodomitic sex acts, unburdened by state anti-sodomy laws criminalizing such behaviour, or a right to marry someone of the same sex free of laws forbidding such unions.
Margreta de Grazia discusses the revitalization, by print, of the ancient signet/wax trope signifying "both processes of conception: the having of thoughts and the having of children" (70); imaginatively ringing many changes upon this trope, she observes that "counterfeit coining, like usury, is frequently associated with sodomitic sex" (79) and that "letters could themselves be quite sexy, as they are in sixteenth-century embodied alphabets in which the body of the letter is represented by lusty human bodies in seductive poses and erotic positions" (87)--a far cry, one cannot help thinking, from the way children are wooed to love letters on Sesame Street.
Further, the older soldiers in an army, deprived of female companionship, entered on occasion into sodomitic relationships, forcing young boys to do their will and reducing the passive partner to feminine gender; such practices might be continued when men returned from the battle-front.
Section 131, citing man's being made in the image of God and adding "sexual orientation" to the list of banned so-called discriminations, comes perilously close to implying that God is the Author of sodomitic tendencies.
Many years later, and from a position of relative safety, Beerbohm continued to decline invitations to review Frank Harris's Oscar Wilde, His Life and Confessions (1916) because Wilde's reputation was still so tarnished that any association with him would entail, in Beerbohm's eyes, a "raking-up of the old Sodomitic cesspool--the cesspool that was opened in 1895.
In a better time, textbooks would cite this passage as the example par excellence of "begging the question," since it simply assumes that the definition of marriage includes two men or two women engaged in a sodomitic relationship.
13) What Lanval's love offers, in place of the triadic structure of courtly desire, is something even more nonnormative than the sodomitic "mestier" (293) of which Lanval is accused by the spurned queen.
Hutcheson's "The Sodomitic Moor: Queerness in the Narrative of Reconquista" and Susan Schiaboff's "Sodomy's Mark: Alan of Lille, Jean de Meun, and the Medieval Theory of Authorship" contribute to our understanding of their respective subjects.
It's only a matter of time before the police arrive to arrest Wilde for sodomitic episodes that a long list of rent boys stand ready to confirm.